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Software safety and development security are industry-wide and
In an era that has a huge impact on our daily life,
In elementary and middle schools, software became the basic curriculum,
The value and scope of use of software is increasing exponentially.

From the internet era to the 4th industrial revolution
Innovative technological changes and advances are already being experienced,
Now, the paradigm shift to the non-face-to-face(untact) era is rapidly progressing.
TrinitySoft has been in the field of AST(Application Security Testing) for the past 17 years.
We have devoted ourselves to researching and developing the original technology.

In particular, in the field of application security and SAST,
We are accumulating unique technology and various experiences,
Consistently responsible as a software development security company
We are concentrating on R&D.
In line with the changed ICT environment, software safety
The value and importance of development security must be recognized and created by everyone.

TrinitySoft will take the lead.

CEO Jin-soo, Kim

CEO Profile

  • TrinitySoft Co., LTD CEO
  • Korea Information Security Industry Association Director
  • Boston University Graduate School (Masters)
  • 2017 Prime Minister’s Award of Merit for Data Protection