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MOU signed with Wisestone
Writer   TS관리자
Date   2021-08-17

MOU signed with Wisestone

 Wisestone (CEO Lee Young-seok), an international KOLAS testing agency, signed a business agreement with Trinity Soft (CEO Kim Jin-soo), an application security company that specializes in software development security and quality competitiveness.


 The main contents of the agreement are △ Efforts to strengthen SW development security and quality competitiveness △ Active promotion of mutual products and services △ Joint participation in SW-related seminars and events △ SW development security and quality technology trends, case and academic information exchange.


 "With this agreement, Wisestone intends to strengthen SW development security and increase quality competitiveness to lay the foundation for safe SW development operation." said CEO Lee Young-seok. "We will actively work to ensure that high-quality SW can be used in various industries through continuous mutual cooperation between the two companies."


 Wisestone is a SW quality company that has expanded its business to SW quality management solutions and SW test reports based on SW testing. Trinity Soft is an application security company that has a source code security weakness diagnosis solution called 'CODE-RAY XG'.


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