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[Security News Interview] Kim Jin-soo, an auditor of KISIA, said, "Council activities and corporate stability, catch two rabbits."
Writer   TS관리자
Date   2021-08-17

As an auditor of KISIA, Trinity Soft's representative has been impressive.

 The newly appointed CEO of the KISIA(Korea Information Security Industry Association) in 2018 has played a significant role in the development of the Korean security industry, with tangible results in addition to active activities over the past year. In particular, leaders who lead the KISIA are well-received in the industry as they achieve growth of businesses as well as association activities. 


 The best performance of KSIA in 2018 was the replacement of GS certification of standard contract for information protection services and CC certification.

 When asked what was the most memorable thing among the JISIA achievements in 2018, CEO Kim Jin-soo chose "Standard Agreement for Information Protection Services" as the number one priority.  


 This year, the company will focus on internal and external stabilization steps such as technology development.

 Another thing to note is that Trinity Soft, represented by Kim Jin-soo, a KISIA auditor, is practicing social rejuvenation such as free donation of secure coding at Handong University or free donation of secure coding tools. CEO Kim Jin-soo explained that the original purpose of free distribution was to narrow the temperature difference between security officers and developers on secure coding.   


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