Certification and Awards


  • 2017 Merit Award for Data Protection
    Prime Minister Award
  • 2016 Activation of Venture Companies Award
    Administrator of the Small
    to Mid-Sized Business Association
  • 2016 Development of the Data Protection Industry
    Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
  • 2012 Merit Award for New Technology Commercialization
    Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • 2009 Venture Korea
    Administrator of Small
    to Mid-Sized Business Association Award
  • 2007 Software Competition
    Ministry of Information and Communication
    Silver Award

Business Certification

  • INNO-BIZ Certification (Seoul Small
    to Medium-Sized Business Association)
  • Venture Business Confirmation
    (Research and Development: Korea Technology Finance Corporation)
  • Enterprise Institute Approval Certification
    (Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology)
  • K-Global 300
    ICT Promising Business
    (Ministry of Science ICT and Future Planning)
  • KISIA Audit Company
  • Quality Management
    System TL9000
  • Gyeonggi-do
    Province Promising Small
    to Mid-Sized Business Certification
  • Gyeonggi-do
    Province Family-Friendly
    Corporation Certification
  • Gyeonggi-do
    Province Female Job
    Opportunities Corporation Certification
  • Ministry of Employment and Labor
    Small-Giant Enterprise

Product Certification

  • WEBS-RAY “CC Certification EAL Level 4” (IT Security Certification Office)
    CODE-RAY XG “CC Certification EAL Level 2” (IT Security Certification Office)
    Good Software
    quality certification
    (Korea Telecommunication
    Technology Association)
    Good Software
    quality certification
    (Korea Telecommunication
    Technology Association)


  • No. 10-1147251: Web Server Security Equipment
  • No. 10-1696694: Methods and Equipment for Back Track Assessment of Source Code Vulnerabilities