In-app monitoring and invasive attack blocking through web server and web application server vulnerabilities


1. Real-Time White-URL Technology
A next-gen evaluation process where web client requests are received through a Positive method as recommended by OWASP. The shut-down mode switch-over time has been significantly reduced (from over 1 month to 1~2 minutes) and statistical false detections have been reduced.

[Patent No. 10-1024006] Patented technology for White-URL collection methods and White-URL collection functions.

2. Multi-Level, 3-stage Defense System
Operates on logical multi-level framework with high-efficiency processing time

3. Private Data Concealment and Protection
Private data is concealed if the website includes any personal data

4. Load Balancing and High Availability
Process load is equally distributed across parallel servers,
allowing the secondary firewall to take over security responsibilities if the primary firewall fails

Main Functions

OWASP 10 Vulnerabilities Covered
HTTP Method Blocks Specified URLs
Detection-Only Function
IP Bypass Function for Specified IPs
Real-Time Situation Report Support for Web Servers
Customized policies applicable for individual web servers
Positive Rule Support (Positive + Negative)
Log Data Back-up and Restoration Functions Provided
Trust-IP Function Available
Read-Only Admin Support for Monitoring Only Functions
Selective Server Monitoring Access for Individual Managers
Protection from Web DoS Attacks
Real-Time Graphing
Comprehensive Situation Report, Invasion Detection, Defensive Situation, and Real-Time Graphing available

Real-Time White-URL Collection and ACL Definition Function
Real-time ACL definition enables protection policy to be defined without learning

Stage-by-Stage Detection and Protection
Stage-by-Stage detection and protection through positive and negative procedures as recommended by OWASP

Encrypted Data Inspection Function
Basic encrypted data inspection available, including SSL, PKI, and SSO formats

WEBS-RAY Private Data Leak Protection
Strong personal data leak protection on notice boards or web pages

Real-Time Attack Response Messaging Service
Real-time warning messages sent to the attacker. If attack continues, strong preventative actions, including IP blocking or session shutdowns, are implemented

Block Diagram

WAF ---------------------- Web Application Firewall. Web security protection.
WEBS-RAY Smart UI----- Management Programs for Security Managers.

Precedent Construction Cases

    Webs-ray has 95% of the market among centralized government systems, and is responsible for the construction of the largest web-based firewall on the domestic market. The construction of the firewall system and data protection improvement for the National Computing and Data Service have been completed in Daejeon, and the same is happening for NCIS Gwangju


Real-time Graphing
Comprehensive Situation Report and Invasion Detection, Defensive Situation Report and Real-time Graphing Available

Improved Web Service Security
5 to 15 vulnerabilities in every 1000 lines of code
(US Dept. of Defense and the Software Engineering Institute)

Minimized web service vulnerabilities
An average of 75 minutes is required to identify 41 vulnerabilities, and
2 to 9 hours are required to remove 1 risk. (5 Year Pentagon Study)
According to CERT, it takes a single developer 10 minutes to locate 1 risk, and
700 hours (17.5 weeks) in total to find 4200 vulnerabilities (Intel White paper, CERT, ICSA Labs)

Cost Reduction for Web Services
$300,000 is required for testing and patching 1000 servers for 1 week, and
these works are happening now

Functions as a Filtering Module for Web Servers, offering security services while minimizing its effect on service speeds.
Protection from abnormal approaches using the positive rule
Blocking of Malicious Content Uploads
Web Attack Prevention from Input Parameter Inspections
Active, multi-stage response process to reduce number of invasive attacks.
Content manipulation protection for main contents
Efficient security functions through appropriately applied rules for different web servers.
Live-updates keep rules up-to-date

Safe sites constructed by blocking vital data leaks
Vital Data Leak Protection
Client private data leak protection through HTTP response inspection
Blocking of Malicious Content Uploads

Stable Web Service Provision
Real-time set-up functions, providing services to users non-stop.
Improved functionality through unnecessary web traffic control
Improved availability and quality by minimizing re-invasion possibilities

Management efficiency and convenience
GUI console to provide managerial convenience
Real-Time Monitoring
Active multi-stage response process, un-manned detection, and response system functions available.
Report functions available with representation through various charts and data
Customizable services to provide real-time monitoring, reports, and other customer needs

Product Models

NWR-2000 NWR-3000 NWR-6000
CPU Intel Xeon 4 Core 3.30 GHz * 1EA Intel Xeon 4 Core 3.60 GHz * 1EA Intel Xeon 4 Core 2.53 GHz * 2EA
MGT - - 10/100/1000 BaseTX 2 Port
NIC 10/100M/1Gbps Copper 8 Port
(2 Pair Bypass)
10/100M/1Gbps Copper 8 Port
(2 Pair Bypass)
10/100M/1Gbps Copper 4 Port
(2 Pair Bypass)
1Gbps Fiber 2 port
POWER Single Redundant Redundant


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  • Seoul / Metropolitan Area
  • Gangwon
  • Daejeon / Chung-Cheong
  • Jeon-Buk / Jeon-Ju
  • Gwang-Ju / Jeon-Nam
  • Busan / Gyeong-Nam
  • Jeju