1. Source-Code Security Weakness Analysis (Secure Coding)
2. Project Security Weakness History Management
3. Software Configuration Management


1. Integrated Data Management
The source-code version information, Security weakness history information, and other integrated data can easily be accessed through the main dashboard.

2. Correlation Analysis
Connection data related to a project’s security weakness is intuitively presented.

3. Static Analysis through Virtual Compiling
It’s possible to analyze security weaknesses with a high degree of accuracy using only the source-code, without the build process or having to construct a development environment.

4. Search Engine Distribution Structure
Distributed processing is possible for security managers and developers through the CODE-RAY XG Manager and the developer PC’s inspection engine.

5. Exception Approval Control
Exceptions to security weakness inspection results can be processed with Manager approval.

Main Functions

Functions Function Details
Functions A variety of language support, including Java, C and C++
Flow charts provided for Code Analysis Result Verification
Centralized Project Settings
Centralized Developer Access Regulation
Centralized SVN System Source Code Management
Centralized Rule Distribution Management
Centralized Detection Rule Exception Process
Centralized Detection Rule Addition
SVN System Source Code Revision Management
SVN Revision Security Weakness History Management
Operation Server Source Code Backup Management
Analysis Category Korea - Software Development Security Guide 47 items
OWASP top 10
CWE/SANS top 25
Standard JAVA Code Convention
Analysis Report Report by Analysis Category base
Report by Danger level base

Block Diagram

Effect of Introduction

Product Model

CPU Intel QuadCore 3.30 GHz * 1EA Intel HexaCore 3.60 GHz * 1EA
RAM Over 8GB Over 16GB
HDD 500GB * 1EA Over 1TB
NIC 10/100/1000 Base TX 8 Port 10/100/1000 Base TX 2 Port
POWER Single Redundant(1+1)
RAID 10 1TB * 3EA
RAID 5 2TB * 2EA
RAID 10 2TB * 3EA
1G Fiber 2 Port


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